Professional Hair Services


For naturally beautiful portraits, you want your hair to look glossy and voluminous without being over-styled or stiff. I can give you a gorgeous, natural-looking style that still says “OMG”. No crunchy prom-hair here!
I know which techniques, tools and products to use to help ensure that your hair style lasts throughout your session and beyond.
If you’re anything like me, styling your own hair can be hit or miss. If pro hair styling had been a thing for portraits way back when I was a high school senior, I’d probably have been a lot happier with my “do”. I will take the stress out of the whole experience by making sure you look AMAZING for your portraits.

Professional Make-up Services


It’s fair to say, it’s extremely rare for an actor to appear on camera or stage without makeup. This is because the lighting used, in film and photography, is so powerful it reflects in the skin and creates shine or hotspots that make the skin look greasy. The use of make-up in order to neutralise the hotspots has been the norm for decades but since the advent of High Definition camera’s it has never been more important because, not only do these cameras pick up the detrimental shiny hotspots but also all skin tone, colour and texture imperfections.


Both Hair & Make-up Services
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